Our Cladding Materials

Metal roof and wall cladding encompasses a plethora of different materials, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Your material choice will be influenced by a number of project-specific factors, including desired aesthetic, climatic conditions, chosen structural system, the nature of adjacent materials and the construction budget.

Almost as important as the selection of the metal itself, finishes can have a significant effect on both aesthetics and performance of metal cladding systems. There is a virtually unlimited range of finishes for metal cladding panels. We are constantly exploring other materials suitable for roof and wall claddings.  Do check with us for other material options.

The reliability with which FALZONAL® has gained its reputation provides the perfect basis for ensuring that even top notch architecture can be implemented cost effectively.  The old rule of good design is what FALZONAL® is all about – it adapts to your ideas, not the other way around. Aluminium is naturally resistant to resting or blistering, making it a popular cladding choice.

FALZONAL® adds a touch of colour to a full range of buildings whether residential properties or commercial construction

Titanium Zinc is a high quality material consisting of a Zinc-Copper-Titanium alloy. There are many reasons for choosing titanium zinc for your roofing and façade projects.  Titanium zinc is a natural product and it responds to its environment.  The flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with its pleasing aspect, make it a choice for imaginative building projects from individual homes to commercial or public buildings.

Black and grey are popular titanium zinc colours, however more and more we see coloured zinc ranges attracting attention and gaining popularity.

In the beginning, the architecture grade material is bright red rolled copper, but what follows is an ever changing spectacle of weather, light and the natural, lively language of the material.  After installation on the building, the TECU® Classic retains its typical bright red copper colouring for a period of time.  Changes are very gradual and not entirely predictable – just like the weather, which, in turn is solely responsible for the copper’s continual changes.

Titanium – named for the Titans – Greek gods of Gigantic strength.

This material is a superior choice and is gaining favour for its light weight, high strength and glossy, reflective appearance

Sand-blasted Grade 316 Stainless Steel from Germany.

Sand blasting lends metal a smooth, matte surface, virtually free from texture.